Фонды, гранты, стипендии:
Грант Европейского общества кардиологов на проведение научных исследований

Название стипендии, гранта:European Society of Cardiology Research Grant = Грант Европейского общества кардиологов на проведение научных исследований
Тематические рубрики:Кардиология; Медицина клиническая; Сердечно-сосудистые заболевания
Спонсирующая организация:European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
Тип гранта:Научные исследования
Описание:The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) offers research grants to medical graduates whose work has been, or is, related to cardiovascular research with potential clinical applications. The purpose of the grants is to provide an opportunity for specialized research or further research training in the cardiovascular field, and to help young candidates to obtain research experience in a high-standard academic centre (or similar institution oriented to clinical or pre-clinical research).
Финансирование:ESC Research Grants may be held for any period from 6 to 12 months. The ESC highly recommends holding the grants for a period of 12 months. Grant recipients will receive a sum of €24,000 p.a. (i.e., €2,000 per month) for their daily subsistence.
Требования к кандидатам:Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
The ESC Research Grant is awarded to medical graduates at any stage in their career but before obtaining a permanent, senior staff, or consultant post, or for science graduates with research experience up to junior investigator, lecturer, assistant professorship, or equivalent level. Applicants must be under 36 years as of the application deadline. Medical graduatesmay apply at any stage of their career, provided they have already proved some research potential by publishing in medical journals. Science graduates should hold a Ph.D. or D.Phil. degree or equivalent or must have submitted a thesis before the grant period commences.
Any citizen or permanent resident of a country that is a regular ESC member may apply. Applicants who have not been ordinarily residents in such a country throughout the three years preceding the application date are not eligible. Periods of residence mainly for full-time education will not be accepted as ordinary residence for this purpose.
Гражданство кандидатов:Албания; Андорра; Австрия; Беларусь; Бельгия; Босния и Герцеговина; Болгария; Хорватия; Чехия; Дания; Эстония; Финляндия; Франция; Германия; Греция; Венгрия; Исландия; Ирландия; Италия; Латвия; Лихтенштейн; Литва; Люксембург; Македония, Республика; Мальта; Молдова; Монако; Нидерланды; Норвегия; Польша; Португалия; Румыния; Сан-Марино; Сербия и Черногория; Словакия; Словения; Испания; Швеция; Швейцария; Украина; Великобритания
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