Фонды, гранты, стипендии:
Грант Американского общества клинической онкологии на международное развитие и образование

Название стипендии, гранта:International Development and Education Award (IDEA) = Грант Американского общества клинической онкологии на международное развитие и образование
Тематические рубрики:Онкология медицинская; Клиническая медицина; Новообразования
Спонсирующая организация:American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
Тип гранта:Meeting or Conference or Seminar; Training, Scholarship, or Fellowship
Описание:The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Foundation offers the International Development and Education Award (IDEA) to provides a unique opportunity for oncologists in developing countries to further their knowledge and careers by enabling them to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting and spend additional time at a comprehensive cancer center.
The IDEA grants are designed to provide continuing medical education, assist in career development, and helps to establish strong relationships with leading ASCO members who serve as scientific mentors to each recipient. Each recipient is matched to the degree possible (based on mutual area of interest) with a mentor. The mentor is responsible for
  • participating in the Extended Tour Award (ETA), which is available for the recipient to visit his or her mentor's leading cancer center in the United States or Canada for observation and training, for one week either prior to or immediately following the ASCO Annual Meeting;
  • communicating with his or her recipient prior to and after the ASCO Annual Meeting;
  • enhancing the meeting experience by attending sessions with the recipient and by providing educational support;
  • providing career advice;
  • attending IDEA events at the ASCO Annual Meeting; and identifying a co-mentor or junior mentor to assist the recipient during his or her visit to the cancer center and at the ASCO Annual Meeting (at IDEA events where it is not possible for the mentor to attend).
  • Финансирование:The award amount is unspecified. The monetary award is intended to cover expenses associated with the recipient's attendance at the ASCO Annual Meeting and to participate in the panel discussion "Cancer in the Developing World." Specifically, the monetary award covers the recipient's travel to and from the meeting, hotel stay during the meeting, and a per diem allowance for meals and ground transportation. In addition to the monetary award, grant recipients are provided with complimentary Annual Meeting registration and up to ten tickets to Annual Meeting paid sessions. At the Annual Meeting, recipients are invited to attend the IDEA opening reception, the ASCO Foundation Special Awards reception, and the World Oncology Leaders Reception.
    An additional monetary award, the ETA covers the recipient's travel to and from the mentor's cancer center, hotel stay during the week before or after the ASCO Annual Meeting, and a per diem allowance for meals and ground transportation. Eligible recipients receive three years of complimentary membership in ASCO, which includes a subscription to the Journal of Clinical Oncology during that time. Also, recipients are provided with complimentary patient information and have access to the IDEA Alumni website. This website helps prior recipients to maintain relationships with their mentors and each other, and provides information about ASCO international initiatives, international workshops, and grants programs.
    Требования к кандидатам:Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
    Applicants must
  • be able to travel to the United States and have no visa restrictions or anticipate having any difficulty obtaining a U.S. visa;
  • as of June 1, 2007, have not received one year or more of "formal training" (for instance, attended Medical School, participated in Internships, fellowships, or residency programs) in the United States, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the United Kingdom;
  • have or meet the requirements for ASCO Active Membership (available to physicians and other health care professionals at the post-graduate level for whom the majority of their professional activity is related to oncology patient care and clinical research), Active-Junior Membership (available to physicians during the three years immediately following completion of an oncology subspecialty-training program), or Associate Membership (available to physicians who are enrolled in an approved oncology subspecialty training program);
  • not be a previous recipient of the IDEA (formerly known as ITG) program;
  • not have previously attended more that one ASCO Annual Meeting;
  • be citizens of a country identified by ASCO as one of "greatest need" or with "limited resources".
    The strongest consideration will be given to candidates who have submitted an abstract for the 2007 Annual Meeting and have less than 10 years of experience in the field of oncology.
  • Гражданство кандидатов:Развивающиеся страны
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    Email: idea@asco.org
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