Фонды, гранты, стипендии:
Научные семинары Европейского научного фонда

Название стипендии, гранта:ESF Exploratory Workshops = Научные семинары Европейского научного фонда
Тематические рубрики:Гуманитарные науки; Науки о Земле; Техника; Экология; Здравоохранение и Медицина; Биологические науки; Физика; Общественные науки
Спонсирующая организация: European Science Foundation (ESF)
Тип гранта:Посещение конференции, семинара; Проезд
Each year, the European Science Foundation (ESF) supports a limited number of Exploratory Workshops to allow leading European scientists to meet and explore novel ideas at the European level with the aim of spearheading new areas of research. ESF Exploratory Workshops are aimed at helping European research teams to exchange knowledge, establish new links, and explore the possibilities of developing future collaborative actions.
ESF Exploratory Workshops are intended to be small, interactive, and output-oriented gatherings featuring up to 30 participants (including speakers and convenors).
Workshops will take place over one to three days; workshops must provide ample time for discussion in the scientific programme. A workshop must conclude with plans for follow-up research activities or collaborative actions or other specific outputs within or outside the frame of ESF (e.g., prepare the ground to develop a Forward Look, a Research Networking Programme, a EUROCORES proposal, or an application to the EC Framework Programme).
Eligible disciplines are as follows:
- Physical and engineering sciences
- Biomedical sciences
- Life, earth, and environmental sciences
- Humanities
- Social sciences
- Science-driven issues of research infrastructures in any of the above fields
ESF exploratory workshop awards are not meant to contribute to the funding of meetings mainly organised and funded by other organisations, nor to support one in a series of workshops.
Финансировние: Approximately 50 workshops may be selected for funding each year across all scientific domains.
An award may have a maximum value of €15,000. The award will cover the costs of workshop activities and travel, accommodation, and subsistence for participants
Требования к кандидатам: Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
Applicants (convenors) must be scientists or scholars from European universities or research institutes in countries having agencies that are member organisations of the ESF. Proposals may have co-applicants from other countries. In this case, the co-applicants should assure their funding through their respective national agency or through other funding bodies. Main applicants cannot belong to the private sector.
Participants should be selected on the basis of their scientific excellence and potential contribution. The aim should be to have wide participation from across Europe (no more than 5 participants may come from the applicant's own country) with due regard also to age and gender. The involvement of younger independent researchers and scholars with leadership potential is encouraged.
Гражданство кандидатов:Албания; Андорра; Австрия; Беларусь; Бельгия; Босния и Герцеговина; Болгария; Хорватия; Чехия; Дания; Эстония; Финляндия; Франция; Германия; Греция; Ватикан; Венгрия; Исландия; Ирландия; Италия; Латвия; Лихтенштейн; Литва; Люксембург; Македония, Мальта; Молдова; Монако; Нидерланды; Норвегия; Польша; Португалия; Румыния; Сан-Марино; Сербия; Черногория; Словакия; Словения; Испания; Швеция; Швейцария; Украина; Великобритания
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