Фонды, гранты, стипендии:
Международные стипендии Американской ассоциация женщин в высшем образовании

Название стипендии, гранта:American Association of University Women International Fellowships = Международные стипендии Американской ассоциация женщин в высшем образовании
Тематические рубрики:Сельское хозяйство и продовольствие; Краеведение; Искусство и гуманитарные науки; Бизнес, Управление и торговля; Образование; Энергетика; Инженерное искусство; Здравоохранение и Медицина; Юриспруденция; Естествознание; Физика, Математика и Технология; Общественные науки
Спонсирующая организация:American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Educational Foundation
Fellowships and Grants
Тип гранта:Стипендия; Обучение
Описание:The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation's International Fellowship program provides support for one year of graduate or postgraduate study in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Six of the awards are available to women who are members of the International Federation of University Woman (IFUW) to study or research in any country other than their own (not necessarily in the United States). International Fellows are expected to pursue their projects full time during the fellowship year. Study may be pursued in any academic field detailed in the document titled "List of Academic Fields" at http://www.act.org/aauw/internat/index.html . This list includes the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, arts and humanities, education, business, and other fields (e.g., architecture and environmental design, communications, home economics, library and archival sciences, public administration, religion and theology, social work, interdisciplinary programs, and law.
Master's/Professional and Doctoral fellowships support traditional classroom-based courses of study at colleges or universities. This fellowship program does not provide funding for distance learning programs or for degrees heavily dependent on distance learning components. Final decisions about what constitutes distance learning under these fellowships will be made by the foundation.
Финансирование:Three award levels are available based upon the applicant's degree program:
1. Master's/Professional Degree fellowships carry a stipend of $18,000 for the fellowship year.
2. Doctoral fellowships carry a stipend of $20,000 for the fellowship year.
3. Postdoctoral fellowships carry a stipend of $30,000 for the fellowship year.
Successful fellowship applicants will be invited to apply for a Home Country Project Grant ($5,000 to $7,000) to support a community-based project to be implemented in the fellow's home country upon her return. Information on applying for the Home Country Project Grant will be provided to fellows early in the fellowship year.
International Fellowships are not renewable. International Fellowships fund living and educational expenses for a period of 12 months while a fellow pursues full-time study or training. Fellows may work up to 10 hours a week, or teach one course, with written permission from the foundation. Stipend checks are made payable to fellows only, not to institutions. They do not fund indirect costs; research assistants, equipment, and similar costs; publication costs; travel to attend professional meetings, conferences, or seminars; repayment of loans or other personal obligations (fellowships are not retroactive); grants-in-aid for less than a full academic year or travel grants; or travel to or from the fellow's home country. With some exceptions based on relevant tax treaties, the fellowship stipend is subject to 14 percent tax, which will be withheld by the AAUW Educational Foundation for payment to the U.S. IRS.
The International Fellowship dollar amount must be larger than any other fellowship or grant received during the fellowship year and must be acknowledged as the major award; acceptance of concurrent funds of a lesser amount than the AAUW Educational Foundation award is permitted but requires prior written approval of the foundation.
Крайний срок подачи заявки:Applications must be submitted online by December 1. All supporting documents must be postmarked by December 1 and received by the following January 10 at the Iowa City, Iowa, office.
A nonrefundable filing fee of $30 U.S. will be requested online, via credit card payment only. Applicants not residing in the United States at the time of the application may request a waiver of the filing fee if they are unable to obtain U.S. dollars or if it is a hardship for them to pay the fee. Requests for waivers must be submitted in the online application. Fellowship awardees who have requested this waiver will have $30 deducted from their fellowship stipend. Fee waiver requests received from applicants already residing in the United States will not be accepted.
Требования к кандидатам:Graduate Student; Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional; Women
To be eligible for an International Fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:
1. Citizenship in a country other than the United States (dual citizenship is not allowed) or possession of a nonimmigrant visa if residing in the United States
2. Academic degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree from a U.S. college or university completed by the time of application or no later than September 1, 2006
3. Intention to devote herself full time to the proposed academic plan during the fellowship year
4. Intention to return to home country to pursue a professional career
5. Enrollment in a U.S. institution located in the United States; foreign branches of U.S. institutions are not eligible.
6. Full year of study or research. International fellowships do not provide funding for a partial year of study or research. Programs ending prior to April of the fellowship year are not eligible.
7. Proficiency in English. Unless the applicant can verify that her native language is English or that she received her undergraduate degree from or will have completed one semester of full-time study in her discipline at a college or university in the United States by September 1, 2006 (transcript required by January 10, 2007, for validation), she must submit a recent score (no older than October 2004) on the International TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Minimum score acceptable: 550 for paper-based tests; 213 for computer-based tests; 79 for Internet-based tests. Test scores must reach the AAUW Educational Foundation no later than April 1, 2007.
8. Master's/Professional and Doctoral applicants must have applied by December 2006 to an accredited institution of study for the period of the fellowship year and must indicate the name of the institution in the International Fellowship application. Postdoctoral applicants must indicate where they will conduct their research.
If the organization to which the applicant belongs does not appear in the document titled "List of IFUW Member Organizations" at http://www.act.org/aauw/internat/index.html or on the list at the IFUW website (www.ifuw.org), the applicant's proposed institution of study or postdoctoral research must be in the United States. An applicant who is an Independent or At Large member of IFUW must indicate that on her application.
Preference is given to women who show prior commitment to the advancement of women and girls through civic, community, or professional work. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply.
Ineligible to apply are
- women holding dual citizenship in the United States and another country;
- previous International Fellowship recipients;
- members of AAUW; and
- AAUW Educational Foundation and Association boards, committees, panels, task forces, staff, members, and current interns.
Гражданство кандидатов:Все страны, кроме США и Канады
Почтовые реквизиты спонсирующей организации:AAUW Educational Foundation Department 60 301 ACT Drive Iowa City, Iowa 52243-4030 USA
Telephone +1 (319) 337-1716, ext. 60
Email: aauw@act.org
Сетевой адрес: http://www.aauw.org/fga/fellowships_grants/international.cfm